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Divorce is some of the most painful, complicated legal matters you will ever have to deal with. When these matters are international in nature, the complexity and potential for conflict can be even greater. If you are facing unique legal challenges in Mexico or abroad, it is critical that your attorney has the negotiation and trial skills necessary to protect your rights.

With U.S.-Educated bi-lingual attorneys we are most fit to try cases brought by international couples. Our trial experience and proactive, aggressive litigation style make us a formidable opponent in the courtroom. Our reputation often results in successful negotiations without the need for a trial.

In most divorces, dividing assets is not as simple as 50/50 partition

Property issues in family law are those involving the division of assets and liabilities after separation. They are also referred to as financial matters. Under family law, ‘property’ includes many things, not just cash and houses. Think in terms of the family business; investments; an entitlement to be paid; money you owe and any other liabilities of the relationship.

It is important to divide your property legally. You might divide property by informal agreement, but if you don’t do this according to the Law and your former partner later pursues a further share of the property, you could be in for a nasty surprise. The roles you had during your relationship and who has made what contributions are factors that will be considered when dividing up your property. What each of you is likely to need in the future is also taken into account. Relevant factors are whether there are any children under 25 and who they will live with, and the age, state of health and earning capacity of each party.

It is important never to spend or conceal large sums of money or destroy property in an attempt to minimise the amount your former partner will get. This is likely to backfire and may be deducted from the property that you receive in the distribution.


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