Complex Litigation

Our clients are not in the business of litigation. Disputes can threaten a company’s financial position, as well as its business reputation and stability. Same is truth for individuals. We focus on solving disputes, not coaching them.

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Business & Contracts

Understanding the complex and evolving regulations affecting all sizes of deals is crucial to assisting clients with the myriad of legal issues they encounter. We are as dedicated to you as you are to your business. By gaining an understanding of you and the professional goals you’ve set for yourself, we can work alongside you to help you achieve them.

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Corporate Law

The structure of the business can have serious long-term impact on operations. You’ll need to understand the potential benefits, possible risks, and general implications of each business structure in order to find which best suits your goals. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you towards the most appropriate structure for your business as well as for ensuring that your business operation is legally sound, and the actions of management and directors are transparent and free of any potential misdeed.

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Copyrights & Trademarks

A successful defense in infringement cases requires the experience of an intellectual property attorney. Whether our firm is defending a client in a complex copyright case involving digital media, or representing a client accused of infringing upon another business’ name or advertising slogan, our clients can be confident in knowing that they are being represented by a premier team of seasoned intellectual property attorneys.

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Labour Law

We represents corporations, small businesses, franchises, and other organizations operating across a range of industries. We have extensive experience counseling and defending employers in all types of employment law cases.

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Inheritance & Probate

Losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time for family, relatives, and friends. In addition, those left behind must often figure out how to transfer or inherit property from the person who has died. We have assisted family members living abroad in acquiring property in Mexico through inheritance.

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