Expert Witness Testimony

By Harvard-educated Mexican Attorney

Litigation is a high-risk professional activity. As a trial attorney you not only need the law on your side, but also require that the decision maker, either a Judge or a Jury, clearly understand the law as it is was enacted and applied in a given jurisdiction.

When such jurisdiction is Mexico, the odds of a misconception is large. You not only have a different language, but a whole different system of law, guided by sometime opposite principles and doctrines to those binding in the U.S.

Understand the law as it was enacted and applied in Mexico

When such scenario comes to life, you need someone not only with extensive knowledge of the controversial law and proven communication skills, but indeed someone who understands the culture and values of the average U.S. citizen to help the audience successfully establish differences or draw similarities regarding the controversial issue. Omar Mondragón can do that for your client.

He is a reliable expert witness in the following areas: civil law (official vital records, beach-front properties, condo law, etc,); corporate and business law (contracts, corporate governance, etc.), private international law (forum non-convenience, choice of law, choice of court, etc.), family law (probate, marriage, divorce, adoption, etc.); administrative law (licences, permits, governmental agencies, trusts, etc.).

By being educated in the U.S. but being admitted to practice law only in Mexico, Omar Mondragón offers offer strategic advantage to any party to a litigation. He is a trial attorney himself and has a deep understanding of a trial dynamic, so you can only expect comprehensive affidavits, declarations and memoranda, as well as clear party and court depositions.


October 25, 2017


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