We provide advice to all type of parties, including NGO´s. We limit our practice only in connection to our areas of expertise, so if you are facing a challenging situation, click here to schedule a paid consultation.

Yes, indeed we do it a lot. The foundation of any legal services is TRUST. We are usually called upon to evaluate other attorney´s work. In the large majority of our evaluations, our conclusions confirm that the client is indeed receiving an excellent representation. In the rare cases this does not hold true, our services could make the difference for a client between winning or losing.
No. No ethical lawyer can. We only advise on specific transactions. Our work-product require for us to analyze and careful review ALL factors to any business relationship, including applicable legislation, which we cannot do in a document meant to be used as a template. What we offer though, is a low-cost review service to clients using a contract produced for a previous transaction. Reliable contracts requiere expert counsel, we can offer such service without forcing you breaking the bank.
Yes. Most of our foreign transactional clients never set foot in Mexico. Our foreign-client representations services include counsel to the specific transaction, Power of Attorneys (PA) drafting and obviously attending all meetings, assemblies, deals on behalf of our client.
Generally we use an hourly rate for services provided. Different hourly fees apply to diferente services, so the hourly fee aplicable to your case will depend of the type of representation your demand. Some clients prefer different billing schemes. We are open to all of them. If you are a business and require frequent services and/or are looking to outsource the legal counsel office, we can provide unlimited services for a set monthly fee. Call us to request a quote.

Because we do not just sit and listen, we provide VALUE.

Most of the time, the value takes the form of umpleasent advice: "you are in the loosing side of this conflict"; "it is time for your company to pay the penalty clause"; "the law is against your case, move to settlement"; etc. Such statements are rare in the industry. Certainly none-existent in a fist time legal consultation. We offer such blunt and honest perspective because no one else does.

People and companies look for legal advice because they want to solve their problems, not because they want the most memorabl fight in Court. We take pride on trying to bring back a sense of purpose and fairness to the practice of law.

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We offers elite world-class advice to our clients. As any high specialize practice, we are not, and neither pretend to be, a large law firm in terms of offices or lawyers. Our truly aspiration is to be the firm of choice when it comest to advise the most challenging and critical disputes of our clients.

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We take on only important cases: those challenging either your business or your family.

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