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Problem-Solvers with a Law Degree

Founded by a Harvard Law graduate, MONDRAGON OPENLAW is a top litigation boutique. From our headquarters in Cuernavaca, we excel in crafting creative and insightful solutions to complex problems all across Mexico.

Due to our U.S. practice standards, we are the preferred choice for American, Canadian and European clients living or investing in Mexico.


MX Clients 25%

Latin American Clients 8%

Other 1%

U.S. Clients 45%

Canadian Clients 15%

European Clients 6%

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Because we believe in:

Nobody understand your case better than you. We kept it that way by CC you on every Court submission, negotiation meeting or phonecall made on your behalf.
Our attorneys were top of their class at law school, are bilingual and have attained advanced degrees in law, some from Yvy League U.S. Law Schools.
Our goal is to solve your problem, not to prevail on trial. Knowing the difference make us the best dispute resolution attorneys.

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Best trial attorneys. If you are fighting for something you care, do not settle for second-tier lawyers

Maria Hernández Ortíz

I came across Omar Mondragón when my crooked maid tried to steal my vacation home in Mexico. He was the only attorney in Cuernavaca who could hold a conference call in English (everyone else tried, but none really master the language). His services were excellent. He not only got my home back but also represented me in the sale. Highly recommended.

Robert Smith

The word I was given was "pricey". Not at all. When you compare the value you receive for the fees you pay, Mondragon Openlaw is the most affordable law firm in Mexico.

Jennifer Samos

I needed an attorney whom undestood common law in Mexico. Omar´s name pop out from Martin Dale. After retaining his firm to draft a very specific clause for a contract, I became so impressed with Omar´s talent that I retained him on a monthly flat-fee basis. Highly recommended for international business transactions.

Javier Méndez

Best litigation boutique. If you need local court assistance with U.S. practice standards, you can either retain BIG LAW or call Omar Mondragón. By far the best trial attorney in Mexico City.

José Espinoza

I contacted them only because of their webpage. I am glad to confirm their are knowledable and reliable. If you need someone you can trust, these are your guys.

Elizabeth-Marie Jelkins

Schedule a consultation: English +52 (155) 6791-2976 / Español: +52 (777) 310-5594

We can meet at our offices in Mexico City or Cuernavaca or by video-conferencing / telephone from any corner around the world.


Mexico City

Our Mexico City office is located south of the Zona Rosa and 4 to 5 km west of the Zócalo, the city's main square. Our neighborhood is considered fashionable, especially among young businesspeople, students, pet lovers and others. When you visit our office you will find yourself walking among wide avenues lined with trees and mostly filled with restaurants, cafés, boutiques and art galleries.


Cerrada de Altata #17
Col. Hipódromo Condesa
CDMX. CP 06170.


Tel.: +52 (55) 6791-2976



Our Cuernavaca office is located around a 90 min drive south of Mexico City. When visiting our office you will encounter a warm, stable climate with abundant vegetation. The city was nicknamed the "City of Eternal Spring" by Alexander von Humboldt in the 19th century. Cuernavaca is host to a large foreign resident population.


Av. Atlacomulco 1-Bis, Despacho 04 Centro de la Ciudad
Cuernavaca, Morelos C.P. 62000


Tel.: +52 (777) 310-5594

Mexico City

Cerrada Altata 17, Colonia Hipódromo Condesa, CP 06170, Alcaldía Cuauhtemoc, CDMX.

+52 (55) 6791-2976 


Av. Atlacomulco 1 Bis, Despacho 04, Colonia Centro. Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico. 62000

+52 (777) 310-5594

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